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  • A Response To ACT Liberal MLA Mark Parton (guest post)

    A guest post from Leigh Mason, the current Chairperson of the Gambling Impact Society NSW, in response to recent comments by and articles about ACT Liberal MLA Mark Parton. We need more of Leigh’s honesty and passion and less of Mark’s disingenuous approach and opposition to gambling reform. Let’s hope he’s listening.

  • Victoria’s Pokies Freeze Is Cold Comfort

    When I heard the news yesterday that the Victorian government was announcing new poker machine reforms, I was understandably interested. There hadn’t been any warning that an announcement was on the cards… what kind of reforms were they going to announce? After years of inertia and tinkering around the edges, were we finally going to see some change that really mattered?

    Short answer: no.

  • NSW’s Dirty Dozen

    They’re NSW’s dirty dozen: 12 registered clubs that in any other country would be called casinos. Enormous entertainment complexes that between them operate close to seven thousand poker machines, make almost one billion dollars in gambling revenue every year… yet call themselves not-for-profit organisations and enjoy lucrative tax concessions from the state government.

  • A Tale Of Two Pubs

    Two new pubs are planned for Melbourne’s south-east… and they couldn’t be more different.

  • Lifeline boss joins poker machine lobby group

    This is incredibly disappointing. Lifeline boss Carrie Leeson has taken a position on the board of a new clubs lobby group in the ACT, which not only represents clubs with over 1000 poker machines but is also calling for access to automated casino-style gambling in clubs.

  • Officer’s poker machine stand-off

    Officer is a small suburb in the Shire of Cardinia, deep in Melbourne’s south-east. Nestled in between Beaconsfield and Pakenham, it’s part of Melbourne’s expanding growth corridor… and bizarrely, that puts it at threat from Victoria’s poker machine industry.