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  • the great pre-commitment con

    the great pre-commitment con

    For months now, a war has been waged in the media about poker machines and pre-commitment. It’s been fourteen months since the Gillard/Wilkie agreement...

  • the gloves are off

    the gloves are off

    Forty million dollars. Roll that figure around in your head for a moment. Can you grasp it? It’s a hell of a sum. Far...

  • when the spin comes undone

    when the spin comes undone

    By now, it should come as no surprise to anyone that industry-driven opposition to the Federal government’s proposed poker machine reforms is strongest in...

  • playing pokies for jesus

    playing pokies for jesus

    I just know I’m going to cop flak for this one… but it’s been bothering me for a while. The gambling industry is up...

  • don’t call this news

    don’t call this news

    The latest media proclamation from Clubs Australia raises some serious questions about accountability and the standard of journalism in some parts of the media.

  • responding to jeremy

    responding to jeremy

    It’s been a busy few days. On Thursday, Clubs Australia issued a media release stating that the Salvation Army had rejected mandatory pre-commitment (MPC)...

  • clubs australia hits a new low

    clubs australia hits a new low

    Reports in today’s papers are saying that the Salvation Army has pulled its support for the Federal Government’s mandatory pre-commitment proposal, instead backing a...

  • my response to alan jones

    my response to alan jones

    There are rallies being held across New South Wales at the moment, in registered clubs across the state, defending poker machines and rejecting the...

  • recommendation 36

    recommendation 36

    Julia Gillard’s tenure as Prime Minister has been brief and certainly turbulent. The mining tax, a price on carbon, health reforms, our clean energy...

  • stop the lies!

    stop the lies!

    It’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything about the ClubsAustralia campaign against the proposed poker machine reforms. You know, the “It’s un-Australian”...