ten reasons to read a book instead of playing a poker machine

There’s plenty of reasons why reading a good book (or even a bad book) is better than playing the pokies. Here’s ten; feel free to add your own.

1. You can talk about it afterwards.
2. You only pay for the book once.
3. Being addicted to reading is generally a good thing.
4. There’s nothing un-Australian about a library card, aka a licence to read.
5. If you decide to read “just one more chapter” it doesn’t mean you have a problem.
6. You can read a book at home without having to hand over your credit card details.
7. Reading expands your vocabulary and broadens your mind; pokies just lighten your wallet.
8. People rarely turn to crime to fund their reading habit.
9. When you finish a book, you can read it again… free of charge.
10. Books don’t have annoying music of flashing lights… yet.


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