Damn it, Facebook.

Damn it, Facebook.

A few days ago, after a relentless onslaught of ads for bookmaker William Hill, I finally clicked on the corner and told you that no, I did not want to see ads like this. That they were offensive or inappropriate. That they were not relevant to me. That you could make them gone.

I didn’t want to do that, because I write about gambling a lot, and how pervasive the advertising has become. I wanted to be able to see when you, as a social media platform I use frequently, were showing me gambling ads.

And when I say onslaught, I mean onslaught. Every time I checked my timeline, the second post was a William Hill ad. Every time. Day after day. It was relentless. It was targeted. And eventually, I said enough.

But here’s the thing. I told you I didn’t want to see ads like that. I told you they were offensive, or inappropriate. I told you they were not relevant to me.

Yet today, I opened up Facebook in my browser and started scrolling down my timeline, and what do I find?

An ad for UBet.


A little further down, an ad for LuxBet.


A little further down again, an ad for the TAB.


And on the sidebar? An ad for Ladbrokes.


I’ve checked my settings; nowhere is there an advert preference for gambling or sports betting. I do not want to see them. I will not bet with them. I have told you I find ads like this inappropriate, or even offensive.

So Facebook? I don’t care how much they are paying you to serve their excrement into my timeline. Enough is enough. You’ve been told.

Make them gone.


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  1. Garth says:

    Sounds like you need to get ABP (Ad Block Plus) Tom, it’s the best thing since sliced bread for those of us that hate ads. Google it for your operating system (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.)

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