angry anderson having a poke at politics

So Angry Anderson has announced his intention to enter politics. I guess it was only a matter of time.

After all, he hates the proposed “carbon tax” and was more than willing to get up on stage in Canberra, at one of the rallies or convoys or whatever it was, and sing “We Can’t Be Beaten” for the cause. Not sure how that will translate into a career in politics, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

I wonder what his position will be on poker machine reform, and gambling in general? It’s not a silly question, not when you consider that there are pubs you can go to blow your money on one of these:

Oh yes. Back in 2009, Angry and the rest of his old band, Rose Tattoo, signed on with Aristocrat and the Rose Tattoo Poker Machine was born. It doesn’t just use a cartoonish image of Angry’s face; there’s also Rose Tattoo music (featuring Angry on lead vocals, naturally) and the bonus feature actually has video footage of the man himself.

The deal was worth around $50,000, and apparently has no bearing on Angry’s opinion of gambling. Right.

We can’t be beaten? Given the way pokies operate, oh yes we can.

And if you think I’m making all of this up: there’s also YouTube footage of the game floating around. I won’t link to it here, but a YouTube search on “Rose Tattoo poker machine” will find it pretty quickly.

I wonder what Barnaby Joyce, with his strong opinions on poker machines, would make of this?


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  1. Kate Sommerville says:

    Angry Anderson is an Australian pop culture figure from the 80’s and early 90’s who is probably trying now to capitalise on those times or people’s memories of him.

    He never really appealed to me but he was popular with the media. I remember working with community groups who tried to get his involvement or sponsorship.

    Les Twentyman was another like him but Les was very genuine and is really good value even now. Les was never a pop music figure either.

    I had no idea that Angry Anderson sold out to Aristocrat. Don’t remember seeing that pokie machine in Victoria. Whilst people should not be hamstrung by their pasts I would also want to know what Angry’s current views on gambling are if I was in his prospective electorate.

    I don’t think that Angry has the mental calibre we should be requiring of our political representatives now.

    Tom, I love this new format for your news commentary and gambling work. It is much lighter and easier to read!

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