$1 out of every $4 lost on Victoria’s poker machines is in a Woolworths pub

In the 2014/15 financial year, venues operated by Woolworths’ gambling division ALH Group grossed $678 million from poker machines. That’s 26.4% of Victoria’s overall losses.

When you factor in the half a dozen venues where ALH are a silent partner (including pokies clubs for AFL heavyweights Carlton and Hawthorn) that figure climbs to over $718 million, or 27.94% overall.


That means Woolworths are responsible for over a quarter of Victoria’s poker machine losses. More than one dollar in four lost on poker machines in Victoria goes to the supermarket giant.

Over the past three years, Woolworths-operated poker machines are responsible for over $2.1 billion in losses in Victoria alone. But don’t expect the government to be too concerned about that; their slice of the Woolworths pokies revenue pie comes to over $900 million for the same period.


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