what is cyenne?

All my life, I’ve been a fan of science fiction. I loved reading about other worlds, alien civilisations and the like. And being a kid with a hyperactive imagination, I thought up my own world, a place where I could play all the silly pretend games that kids play. I called that world Cyenne.

As I grew up and stopped playing those kids games, I forgot about Cyenne. And years later, when I started playing different types of games that would eventually grow into an addiction that would cost me tens of thousands of dollars, Cyenne was the furthest thing from my mind.

But in time I managed to break away from my addiction. And recently, as I looked back on a decade away from gambling and realised that it was time to give something back, I decided to start this web site, this blog, to try and make a difference.

And I started thinking about what I should call this site. Out of nowhere, Cyenne bubbled back into my mind. At first I rejected it, thinking no one would understand, and what did Cyenne have to do with gambling addiction anyway? But the thought wouldn’t go away… and I realised that it actually made perfect sense. I was about to try and create a world online, somewhere I could try and provide help to those who were going through the same problems I’d managed to beat; why not name it after the world I’d created when I was young?

So I did. And while cyenne.com may not be the most meaningfully-named problem gambling web site, it’s a name that captures everything I want it to be.