about my writing

As you may have gathered by now, cyenne is my blog. What that means is that unless otherwise specified, the writing on this site is my own.


And what that means is that all of the posts and articles on this site (unless otherwise specified, of course) are subject to copyright. The internet is not public domain, and the words on these pages are not open for anyone to copy and use as they will.

If you would like to reprint or republish any of my posts or articles, there’s one very simple thing you need to do… and that’s to ask me first. I’m a reasonable guy and I’ll most likely say yes, so long as you include the appropriate attribution with the article.

But if you don’t ask, or I refuse your request, then I’d better not find my writing on your site or in your publication.

Writer For Hire

For me, cyenne is a labour of love. I believe in what I’m doing here, and I write what I write for free. No one is paying me for this.

I am, however, prepared to take on paid writing assignments. If you need someone to contribute to your blog or publication, and you like what you see here, then by all means get in touch and we can discuss terms. As I believe I mentioned earlier, I’m a very reasonable guy. 🙂