Monthly Archive: April 2012

  • your move, wilkie

    your move, wilkie

    As poker machine reform roars back onto the national agenda, an unexpected solution gathers momentum.

  • don’t feed the gamblers

    don’t feed the gamblers

    Anglicare Tasmania was in the news recently as a result of their idea to remove chairs from gaming rooms, or poker machine venues. The...

  • the great jackpot swindle

    the great jackpot swindle

    Jackpots are synonymous with poker machines. I don’t believe there’s a poker machine room in the country that doesn’t offer jackpots; clubs, pubs or...

  • dear readers

    dear readers

    Dear readers, One of the reasons I started Cyenne almost two years ago was because, having decided to start writing about gambling addiction and...

  • teach your children well

    teach your children well

    Teach your children well Their father’s hell will slowly go by… A follow-up to my response to Clubs Australia’s recent call for gambling education...

  • dollar signs or dragons?

    dollar signs or dragons?

    Earlier this year, the Victorian state government introduced legislation covering signage for poker machine venues. Labelled “plain packaging for pokies”, the new rules are...

  • a hollow victory

    a hollow victory

    Well, it finally happened. More than two months after the Gillard/Wilkie agreement broke down under the strain of relentless industry campaigning, and almost a...